BYOD [Bring Your Own Device] is an acronym that has become very trendy since smartphones became commonplace. It has been a headache for central IT departments as it raises a lot of valid security concerns.

Now they have something else to worry about…

BYOA stands for Bring Your Own App and refers to the emerging trend of staff using their favourite App to do work-related tasks. Some of this is fairly straight-forward; there have always been multiple brands of email clients and web browsers and these days they are getting better about security and dependability.

There are now several generic app collaboration services out there that claim to be able to link a wide variety of Apps simply and seamlessly. That is the promise.

Our view is that you should go into BYOA with your eyes wide open. What for instance, if you opened your CRM to a variety of staff’s favourite Apps? Most of them could be fine but what if one (and it only takes one) has a hidden back-door that lets a third-party download your confidential data or worse inject malicious code into your databases… In either case, by the time you find out, its probably too late!