FileMaker Pro 13 Launches

FileMaker Pro® 13 is the most exciting thing we have ever seen.
It delivers on the promise made by FileMaker Pro 12 and adds so many undreamed-of features that the team here feels like all their Christmases have come at once.

9415sc01 Most importantly, commercially, it is a real game-changer and makes FileMaker software the best integrated cross-platform development environment in the world.

In a world that is increasingly ‘cloud’ based, FileMaker, Inc. has come up with a world beating way to have your customised solution and base it in the cloud.

Our collective heads are still spinning with this but to give a few scenarios where FileMaker Pro 13 could make a difference;

  • You have a FileMaker solution that you really like but it would be good to be able to access it from various locations
  • You have thought very seriously about migrating to a cloud app but can’t find one that fits your needs
  • Your in-house FileMaker Server software needs replacing
  • You need iPad, iPhone or web-based access to your FileMaker solution
  • You are tired of trying to integrate a custom solution to an accounting package or a web site or a cloud solution
  • You need a custom solution can work independantly on your desktop but synchronises back to a shared server

We’ll be devoting a series of future newsletters to looking at specific ways in which FileMaker Pro 13 software can enable new concepts but in the meantime if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.