FileMaker Server 13 Hosting

Launching a new server is not something we take lightly, there is a considerable CapEx up front and the initial returns are not great. V13 also puts increased demands on the server so it is not something that can be skimped on. However, enquiries have been running at such a level that we just had to do it. We had three confirmed orders by the time the server went live. FileMaker Server 13 offers some real improvements over previous versions;
  • Support for WebDirect, the new technology that lets you express your FileMaker data over the web.
  • Support for server-side scripts. Your developer can now make big tasks run a whole lot faster.
  • Industry-standard security. FileMaker Server 13 now offers support for AES 256-bit encryption (optional). So if, by any chance, our server is hacked, your data can still be secure.
  • Performance enhancements
    • The backup routines are now fully separated meaning no lag during backups
    • Scalability is limited only by hardware limitations and the actual design of your database
  • Sayanora Java! The Admin Console has been rewritten to eliminate Java.