*** FileMaker Go to Xero Demo ***


To showcase just how easy it is to transfer mobile data from FileMaker to Xero, we’ve put together a real-time hosted App so you can see for yourself!

It really is this easy to have a custom mobile App on an iPad connect in real-time to Xero, the beautiful accounting software.*

Getting Started

  • First of all, you will need the FileMaker Go 13 for iPad app. If you don’t already have it installed, you can download FileMaker Go 13. It’s free!
  • Once you have FileMaker Go 13 installed, use it to open the Foundation Connect demo in the iPad.
  • You are now ready to create and edit Contacts and Invoices, upload them and see the changes you made in real-time in Xero!

F2X Pro (High res) 01 All this goodness is based on our F2X plugin for FileMaker but FileMaker and Xero can do a lot more than this.

If you are an experienced FileMaker developer, the plugin ships with a 30-day trial license and a very useful unlocked demo file. If that all sounds a bit too much, then talk to us, we’ll be happy to help.

*This is a publicly-hosted demonstration and it uses our demo account at Xero. Data is periodically reset to the default set so don’t worry if your work disappears, it probably wasn’t anything you did!