Interesting Anecdote

When FileMaker did their pre-release roadshow recently, they brought their Director – Engineering down from the USA to address the natives.

He has a long career in database engineering, coming to FileMaker from Oracle. He reckoned what convinced him to jump from the titan of databases to a relative minnow was FileMaker’s Draco database engine. He thinks it is brilliant in the way that the load gets shared between the FileMaker Pro clients and the Server. Apparently that is incredibly hard to do; Oracle tried and failed, IBM succeeded but theirs was too hard to use and so nobody bought it.

And all along, since the 1990s, little old FileMaker has been doing it in both peer-to-peer and client-server flavours. Perhaps they should try their hand at the America’s Cup!

Useful tip: It does also mean that we need to build desktop/iPad interfaces differently from the WebDirect interfaces to maximise performance.