Make Mine iPad!

iPad-related solutions represent about 80% of our current workload. Apart from the fact that iPads are way-cool, there are several compelling reasons to consider Foundation, FileMaker and the iPad.
  1. Break-down the interpersonal barrier. Use: Sales, Consulting, Medical. If you sit down beside someone and show them your presentation, or notes, or their personal record; you have crossed the invisible line and have a more intimate connection with them. Don’t take our word for it…
  2. Write, draw and store. That’s right, you can do handwriting and drawings (schematics, concepts, layout plans) on your iPad and we can store it in the relevant record in your FileMaker solution for easy recall at any time. In a meeting situation, it is far less intrusive to write notes on an iPad than type into a keyboard. We are now using this for our own internal processes.
  3. Remote access to your own ‘cloud’. Use: off-site work teams, sales reps. There are already a multitude of ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions for various tasks like emails and calenders, address books etc. How much more productive would your off-site work force be if they were able to access your FileMaker solution? The iPad is smaller, lighter and has a better battery life than any comparable netbook or laptop.
  4. Offline Productivity. Use: Sales, Tradespeople, Agriculture. Continue working when the team is out of range. We’ve developed our own synchronisation technology to let your staff keep working when they are in remote locations where data access is poor. Next time they are in range they can upload and download all the latest data at the click of a button. If you are considering a website interface to access your data, it can’t do this.
  5. TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP. If you aren’t sold yet, consider this. FileMaker Go solves so many of the issues involved in making a system that works on PCs, Macs and tablets that the development cost for an iPad solution is going to be significantly less than a comparable application for an Android device. So much so that any difference in the hardware cost is going to be more than offset by the development savings. That’s worth knowing.