New Server

We’ve installed a new FileMaker Server 12 machine at the ICONZ data centre in the Auckland CBD. For the technically minded this a dedicated co-hosted machine with a quad core processor, 8GB Ram and a 256GB SSD primary drive. Bang-for-buck it compares very favourably with a virtual server and connects via ICONZ’s 100mb fibre service. FileMaker Server 12 is itself a very significant upgrade on previous versions combining the new v12 layout architecture with a separated back-up engine and incremental backups. Combined, these technologies make the v12 server noticeably faster than our existing V11 server. All of this goodness is available to all our clients and is particularly suitable for those needing to access their FileMaker 12 solution from various locations. Prices start from $65 per month + GST. This is actually very competitive with running your own FileMaker Server internally so give us a call to discuss how we can assist.