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Getting Straight to the Heart of the Matter! - 24/06/2014

Picture yourself in this scenario. You are having lunch in an unfamiliar part of town and a good friend turns pale and quiet. He thinks he is having a heart attack. The nearest hospital you can think of is several traffic jams away. What do you do?

You pull out your smartphone, open the Patronus Stalker App, hit the emergency Medic button and instantly get a Google-based map of the nearest medical centres.

When you get down there and you can’t find the emergency entrance, you use it again to quickly dial their number and get directions.

It’s not often we get to use a product we built for someone else to such life saving effect but Matthew is very, very glad he had it on his iPhone that day!

FileMaker Server 13 Hosting - 04/06/2014

Launching a new server is not something we take lightly, there is a considerable CapEx up front and the initial returns are not great. V13 also puts increased demands on the server so it is not something that can be skimped on. However, enquiries have been running at such a level that we just had to do it. We had three confirmed orders by the time the server went live. FileMaker Server 13 offers some real improvements over previous versions;
  • Support for WebDirect, the new technology that lets you express your FileMaker data over the web.
  • Support for server-side scripts. Your developer can now make big tasks run a whole lot faster.
  • Industry-standard security. FileMaker Server 13 now offers support for AES 256-bit encryption (optional). So if, by any chance, our server is hacked, your data can still be secure.
  • Performance enhancements
    • The backup routines are now fully separated meaning no lag during backups
    • Scalability is limited only by hardware limitations and the actual design of your database
  • Sayanora Java! The Admin Console has been rewritten to eliminate Java.

F2X Pro – FileMaker to Xero plugin launches - 03/06/2014

Foundation Data announces the immediate availability of the F2X Pro plugin for use with the Xero™, the ‘beautiful’ cloud accounting app. The F2X Pro plugin enables you to easily exchange data between a FileMaker Pro solution and a Xero account.

Xero is taking the accounting world by storm and already has an extensive eco-system of Add-Ons in the cloud. F2X Pro provides the FileMaker community with a way to join this exciting new market by updating existing solutions, developing new desktop solutions or ‘FileMaker-in-the-cloud” hosted solutions.

Xero provides an API but it is sufficiently involved to not really be an economic option for a single integration project.

F2X Pro smoothes the development path right out saving you time and headaches and your clients money.

Key Features:

You can push or pull data from ‘most’ of the end-points in Xero. We were going to say ‘all’, but they keep on adding more… This also depends on your Xero region and plan.

We’ve got the principle ones covered and this includes;
  • Accounts
  • BankTransactions
  • BankTransfers
  • BrandingThemes
  • Contacts
  • CreditNotes
  • Currencies
  • Employees
  • ExpenseClaims
  • Invoices
  • Items
  • Journals
  • Manual Journals
  • Organisations
  • Payments
  • Receipts
  • TaxRates
  • TrackingCategories
  • Users

There is no XML programming required. F2X Pro provides a full set of FileMaker external script functions.

The F2X Pro plugin is available for download from It comes with a 30-day trial license, sample files and instructions. A full license is available for an annual subscription of US$150.00

Need help? We offer support to FileMaker developers at commercial rates, should you need it.

BRING IT ON! - 26/03/2014

Our first FileMaker Pro 13 project is a showcase for all that’s really good about FileMaker;

  • It uses our new template which has numerous improvements and provides a stable basis for a long service life.
  • It will support field technicians using iPads out in the field with a WebDirect interface giving them secure, live access to the same system that internal staff will use.
  • It is being built to a basic Phase 1 specification which is little more than a proof of concept, even so it is fully customised to the client’s needs and can be greatly enhanced in the future.
  • Future development options include synchronisation with the client’s central information systems and a synchronised iPad app to allow field technicians to work offline.
  • It is very, very cost-effective.

We are already deploying it on our first projects for 2014 and it is looking good!


OK, the use of “Enterprise” in relation to FileMaker isn’t our idea and it’s not even FileMaker’s, but it is how at least one journalist sees it and we think it has some merit.

An enterprise development platform is normally taken to mean a loose infrastructure piecing together various technologies and skill sets into a single semi-cohesive whole. So there will likely be a database, a business logic layer, an interface design tool for the PC, another for the web-interface, a third for mobile and if you are lucky, even one for Mac. There will be internal and external security provisioning, various technologies to enable data transfer to other systems and structures in place to enable periodic updates, rollouts and rollbacks.

There will be experts to advise you on each of these areas and you will pay them to each consider the ramifications of every change request you make.

FileMaker Pro® 13 provides all of this but in a single, cohesive whole. There is only one type of expert needed: a FileMaker certified developer.

Cloud-based v Edge-based - 26/03/2014

In this article, the author defines ‘Edge-based’ as Apps running inside a mobile device and makes the following predictions;

“As more power gets pushed to the edge, both users and developers will want to leverage that power. As more device types come into being, cross-platform, data-centric app design will become crucial. Peer-to-peer communication and client-side storage will free apps of network latency and connectivity concerns, extending interactions beyond today’s thin client-network dependence. They also will pose significant challenges to security and data integrity.”

In English, he is saying;
  • Apps will become more powerful
  • Apps will need to be able to talk amongst themselves and store data locally rather than being dependant on a central cloud server
  • There are security and integrity issues to be worked through

With FileMaker Go®13, the future is here, now;
  • Data storage capability is already more than any device you can run it on.
  • Synchronisation is already available in several flavours
  • Security is built in

The idea of Apps talking to one another on a peer-to-peer basis is interesting… but probably a few years away yet!


This is the sort of thing that FileMaker Developers obsess over…

Data entry for timesheets is painful in FileMaker. You either have to enter the time manually e.g. “8:15 a.m.” or we give you separate fields: “8”, “15”, “AM”. It’s tedious…

The ClockBut now, using the power of FileMaker Pro 13, Foundation’s R&D department has come up with a novel, interactive graphic that we call… “The Clock!”

All joking aside, fast, intuitive data entry is one of our holy grails. The clock actually showcases the new ‘popup” feature in the FileMaker that enables us to let you click on any element in the screen to show a popup window of relevant data.

The ability to drill down to see snap-shots of relevant data without having to navigate away from the current screen is a huge step forward.

Annual Site License Agreements - 26/03/2014

This is something new with FileMaker Server 13. A normal Annual Volume License (AVLA) charges you per user machine, plus the FileMaker Server and plus concurrent licenses for FileMaker Go (mobile) and WebDirect connections.

An Annual Site License (ASLA) charges you per employee (total head count) and for that you get unlimited Pro (client), Advanced (us), Server licenses and unlimited Go and WebDirect concurrent connections.

It is significantly cheaper overall providing that your total users needing access FileMaker is close to (or exceeds*) your total staff count.

Server Upgraded - 26/03/2014

We’ve upgraded our FileMaker Pro 12 server. It now sports the latest operating system, 16GB RAM and twin mirrored SSD drives. The extra RAM improves performance massively and the mirrored SSDs are peace of mind insurance against drive failure; if the primary drive fails, the server switches seamlessly to the secondary drive and soldiers on until a replacement drive is installed.

FileMaker Pro 13 Launches - 05/12/2013

FileMaker Pro® 13 is the most exciting thing we have ever seen.
It delivers on the promise made by FileMaker Pro 12 and adds so many undreamed-of features that the team here feels like all their Christmases have come at once.

9415sc01 Most importantly, commercially, it is a real game-changer and makes FileMaker software the best integrated cross-platform development environment in the world.

In a world that is increasingly ‘cloud’ based, FileMaker, Inc. has come up with a world beating way to have your customised solution and base it in the cloud.

Our collective heads are still spinning with this but to give a few scenarios where FileMaker Pro 13 could make a difference;

  • You have a FileMaker solution that you really like but it would be good to be able to access it from various locations
  • You have thought very seriously about migrating to a cloud app but can’t find one that fits your needs
  • Your in-house FileMaker Server software needs replacing
  • You need iPad, iPhone or web-based access to your FileMaker solution
  • You are tired of trying to integrate a custom solution to an accounting package or a web site or a cloud solution
  • You need a custom solution can work independantly on your desktop but synchronises back to a shared server

We’ll be devoting a series of future newsletters to looking at specific ways in which FileMaker Pro 13 software can enable new concepts but in the meantime if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.