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Merry Christmas - 05/12/2013

Last year’s Christmas Card was a huge hit, so we’ve done it again! Click on the card to see the Foundation team as you never have before (and never will again!)

Merry Christmas to you all!


Christmas Holidays - 05/12/2013

While all our Christmases seem to have come at once, we are still closing the office on 20/12/2013, re-opening on 6/1/2014. We’ll also be having a Christmas lunch on the 19th from midday onwards so support will be restricted to Matthew’s cell-phone.

To Cloud or not to Cloud - 05/12/2013

We are getting an increasing number of clients who as their internal FileMaker Servers come up for renewal are electing to use our cloud servers and save the cost of the hardware upgrade. This generally makes sense;

  • The cost of hosting is competitive with the cost of a FileMaker Server license and machine
  • We take care of the backups etc
  • You can access your data from anywhere
  • Performance is generally good and in some cases better than an aging internal server.
  • You are not going to “blow your bandwidth”. We recently reviewed one of our servers; the total data transfer across all the users from all the clients was less than 10GB a month. You’ll use more bandwidth on staff downloading YouTube videos than you will with a FileMaker Server.

4G Whizz! - 05/12/2013

It’s been a long time coming but Telecom’s 4G service is finally here to rival Vodafone’s service. Our first speed test on the day it was released returned 98.2 MB down and 35.17 MB up. That’s blisteringly faster than our internal WIFI let alone the office broadband and exceeds some of the reported results for Ultrafast Broadband, let alone ADSL2 or VDSL. Not that we can get UFB in our neck of the woods… Setting aside the cost factor, you could actually look at using your 4G phone as an office modem!

Old Soldiers Never Die… - 05/12/2013

Incredibly enough, we recently built a brand-new solution in FileMaker Pro® 6. For those of you who don’t even remember it, FileMaker Pro 6 was retired in 2004. It was the last of it’s line before the fp7 file format and looks positively archaic now. But it’s still going strong on at least one site.

Make It So! - 26/08/2013

More unsolicited customer feedback. This one made us laugh out loud so we thought we’d share it;

“…and we are very (very) happy with your solution, so in the immortal words of Jean Luc Picard…. (please) Make it so!”

Movers and Shakers - 16/08/2013

Matthew managed to be in a meeting in Wellington during today’s 6.6 magnitude earthquake (16/8/2013). As an avowed JAFA he naturally took it all in his stride but was perturbed at the temporary drop of internet and cell phone services. He then managed to get caught in the traffic gridlock that was of Aucklandian proportions trying to get to a second meeting. That meeting was conducted on a park bench as the relevant tower had been evacuated.

It was a surreal experience to be sitting there talking about FileMaker Server as emergency services with sirens threaded their way through the gridlock and the trees swayed with the after-shocks.

Unsolicited Customer Feedback - 11/07/2013

“!!Thank you! That’s a huge help. I look forward to passing this message on to the team.”

Getting feel-good responses like this makes our day and it makes the team try even harder.

Dealing with the experts… - 26/06/2013

One of our clients, Keith Suddes of Patronus, has been called on to make an expert statement in relation to the long-running Bain case. According to the NZ Herald “In a signed statement, Patronus International director and firearms expert Keith Suddess [sic], who studied the images, said the marks on Robin Bain’s thumb “are consistent with a person loading and/or unloading the type of magazine shown in the photograph.” You can read the full article here.

Patronus have an expanding range of smart phone apps which we are building to their design brief. The content reflects their considerable expertise in the field.

“Did you pack the parachute?” “No. I thought you diiiiiiiiii…” - 26/06/2013

Our resident thrill-seeker, extreme sports nut and mobile Apps specialist, Aleks, leaves for Italy tomorrow on a sky-diving holiday. Not content with learning from local lunatics he is intent on studying with the world’s best. He says he will be back in a month. We wish him well and will keep his seat vacant just in case he does come back.