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Yay Team!!! - 17/06/2013

David just passed his FileMaker 12 Certification exam. Not only that, but a little bird tells us that he finished and walked out of the exam early. With each successive version of FileMaker adding increased layers of sophistication and complexity, this is no mean feat.

FileMaker… meet Xero (It’s official!) - 04/06/2013

FileMaker, Inc approves the Foundation Connect plugin for Xero. This is really big news. Now FileMaker developers worldwide have a quick and easy way to integrate their solutions to the cloud-based accounting application, Xero.

Xero is growing rapidly internationally and already has an extensive eco-system of Add-Ons in the cloud. Connect provides the FileMaker community with a way to join this exciting new market whether it be updating existing solutions, developing new desktop solutions or even ‘FileMaker-in-the-cloud” hosted solutions.

All Our Eggs… - 22/04/2013

Here is the text of a recent interview David gave to Reseller News (12/4/13). It is a very good insight into why we do what we do and why we believe FileMaker is the best tool for us.

I Heard It On The Grapevine! - 18/04/2013

Well in the FileMaker Asia-Pacific News actually…

This article showcases one of our favourite projects over the last year or two. Favourite because it showcases;

– FileMaker’s excellence as a development platform, not just for developing mobile apps, but for data capture Apps that could be synchronised “later”.
– FileMaker’s ease of integration with other office solutions, in this case accounting (Xero) and payroll.
– The fact that intelligent expenditure on bespoke software solutions can add real benefit to a business.
– Our expertise in stitching all of these features together to come up with a winning solution.

“FileMaker certainly is flexible and working with competent developers nothing seems impossible or too expensive.” – Jono Bushell, Vinepower

Teen Death Inspires Stalker App - 18/04/2013

The App showcased in this NZ Herald article was developed by us to Patronus’s specification. It features a whizzy GPS-based map which shows you where the nearest Police station or Hospital is.

The Perfect Storm - 18/04/2013

Just another morning at Foundation… It started with a staff member on one of our hosted solutions emailing to say her password no longer worked. Lo and behold, neither did ours. Then we discovered we had lost remote admin access to that production server. Then the server suddenly ran out of disc space and shut-down bumping all the relevant clients off. All of a sudden we were thinking “malicious attack” and heart rates were racing. But no, it transpired to be a collection of coincidental issues;

– The first client’s admin person had decided to deactivate all the ‘old’ logins, including ours, without telling anyone.
– Our beloved ISP dropped our Static IP without telling us, effectively locking us out of a number of servers including our own…
– A particularly large solution that we were temporarily hosting consumed large amounts of space for backups and prompted FileMaker Server to shut down safely.

All easy enough to fix, nonetheless, it was time for a very strong coffee after we got all that sorted.

The new iPad 4 - 19/11/2012

Black Friday couldn’t have come at a better time this year. We raided the piggy-bank and took off down to PB Tech to buy a new iPad 4 at ‘cost’. First thing this morning, we started testing…

The iPad 4 is important for us, we’ve been pushing the boundaries with the “3” and the new A6 chip in the “4” promises twice the performance. Initial testing suggests that for our purposes, that is optimistic; our solutions involve shifting data on and off the device and there are no real improvements in that respect. However, we do estimate a solid 20% or more improvement in processes that can be attributed substantially to the device itself. That alone makes the choice to buy iPad 4 over iPad 2 or 3 very easy.

FREE for the Holidays: Buy One, Give One - 14/11/2012

For a limited time, buy FileMaker Pro 12 or FileMaker Pro Advanced 12 and get a free download of the same product. Click here for more details (terms and conditions apply).

B2E: Business to Employee - 11/11/2012

This article by FileMaker’s new Asia-Pacific manager, Willem Meyer, has just appeared in the press. We think it is a good overview of what can be achieved and more importantly, why you would want to invest in mobile computing applications.

Go Faster Still - 06/11/2012

FileMaker Go for iPhoneExcited as we are with our new App making skills, FileMaker Go is an even better, faster option in many situations. We are currently in the middle of an interesting project building a cloud-server based job processing solution for a start-up (more on that in a future issue). Having just released the first cut of the CRM module for their approval, we fielded a request to make it available on iPhones. Three (3) hours later, they had a real-time, secure iPhone interface to their bespoke CRM cloud database. That’s not a website, that’s a secure App custom-designed for the iPhone, integrating to a server ‘out there’.

Three hours is incredibly fast to turn around something like that and we repeated the act when they asked for a few extra fields to be added.