Security Matters

A recent survey found that Kiwis take data security extremely seriously and 80% would stop dealing with an organisation that had security breaches. So how secure is your data? A FileMaker solution can be made extremely secure as required;
  1. Individual name and password for all users and the ability to track what they do.
  2. Incredibly granular privileges (means we can control who sees and does what right down to each field on each record as required) can be used to manage privacy issues as well as business rules.
  3. SSL encrpytion on all external access to a FileMaker Server (same as your Bank!) means nobody can ‘see’ your data across the internet or your network.
  4. Immunity to “SQL injection” (one of the most common forms of database ‘hack’)
If you are concerned at what might happen to your market’s perception of your organisation if you have had a security breach, then you might like to give us a call and we can see if your solution meets your current requirements.