The Perfect Storm

Just another morning at Foundation… It started with a staff member on one of our hosted solutions emailing to say her password no longer worked. Lo and behold, neither did ours. Then we discovered we had lost remote admin access to that production server. Then the server suddenly ran out of disc space and shut-down bumping all the relevant clients off. All of a sudden we were thinking “malicious attack” and heart rates were racing. But no, it transpired to be a collection of coincidental issues;

– The first client’s admin person had decided to deactivate all the ‘old’ logins, including ours, without telling anyone.
– Our beloved ISP dropped our Static IP without telling us, effectively locking us out of a number of servers including our own…
– A particularly large solution that we were temporarily hosting consumed large amounts of space for backups and prompted FileMaker Server to shut down safely.

All easy enough to fix, nonetheless, it was time for a very strong coffee after we got all that sorted.