Last night the company we use for hosting our website and DNS services did a massive upgrade.

This morning our legacy Xero plugin started failing to the point where it was crashing the FileMaker Pro clients on start up (not a good look…).

Coincidence? Nope.

It turned out they had upgraded the PHP deployment to 7 rather than the 5.2 they had stated in their release documentation and this was affecting the plugin. All we needed to do was turn the PHP back down to 5.2. Sounds simple but it took some man-hours of intensive work (aka panicking) to work it out.

Then the website broke.

It turns out it needed 5.2.6 to run. So we turned the PHP back up to 5.2.6. Now everything is running sweetly and we can go have a much-needed cup of tea.

Amazingly, we managed to solve this before we got any service complaints from plugin users. So they will never know… but this is the sort of event that is covered by the plugin’s annual fee.