In this article, the author defines ‘Edge-based’ as Apps running inside a mobile device and makes the following predictions;

“As more power gets pushed to the edge, both users and developers will want to leverage that power. As more device types come into being, cross-platform, data-centric app design will become crucial.
Peer-to-peer communication and client-side storage will free apps of network latency and connectivity concerns, extending interactions beyond today’s thin client-network dependence. They also will pose significant challenges to security and data integrity.”

In English, he is saying;

  • Apps will become more powerful
  • Apps will need to be able to talk amongst themselves and store data locally rather than being dependant on a central cloud server
  • There are security and integrity issues to be worked through

With FileMaker Go®13, the future is here, now;

  • Data storage capability is already more than any device you can run it on.
  • Synchronisation is already available in several flavours
  • Security is built in

The idea of Apps talking to one another on a peer-to-peer basis is interesting… but probably a few years away yet!