OK, the use of “Enterprise” in relation to FileMaker isn’t our idea and it’s not even FileMaker’s, but it is how at least one journalist sees it and we think it has some merit.

An enterprise development platform is normally taken to mean a loose infrastructure piecing together various technologies and skill sets into a single semi-cohesive whole. So there will likely be a database, a business logic layer, an interface design tool for the PC, another for the web-interface, a third for mobile and if you are lucky, even one for Mac. There will be internal and external security provisioning, various technologies to enable data transfer to other systems and structures in place to enable periodic updates, rollouts and rollbacks.

There will be experts to advise you on each of these areas and you will pay them to each consider the ramifications of every change request you make.

FileMaker Pro® 13 provides all of this but in a single, cohesive whole. There is only one type of expert needed: a FileMaker certified developer.