The biggest (and it was big) omission in the FileMaker product line-up for years has been a native Android version. The only way to deploy a FileMaker solution on Android has been via the web. Given the state of New Zealand’s 4G network, this was pretty much useless for any serious data collection (e.g. taking lots of photos on site). So the only option was to deploy the solution on Apple’s iPad and iPhone. But not everyone wants, or has, an iPad.

This was a major issue since about 76% of the mobile phone market is Android, not Apple… The situation is reversed on tablets: 70% Apple, 30% Android but that is still 30% of the market we’ve been missing out on.

But finally, a wee Scottish outfit has made a utility that will take a FileMaker file and compile it for Android. We’ve been watching it develop for a while and they’ve finally released V1.0 at the conference.

Good on them we say! We can’t wait to win a project where we can deploy it.