Big Brother is Watching You and He Lies!

True story. Earlier this year, Matthew was working late one Sunday night when there was a stern thumping on the front door. There were two of Meadowbank’s finest constabulary. Apparently his Android cell-phone had dialled “111” and treated the emergency operator to sounds of a violent domestic incident. They tracked the number and were at […]

What’s New in V12

There is an updater available. This is highly recommended, if you need assistance, call us. SQL commands. Most clients will have no interest in this but it is already making a huge difference to the way we do things giving us, in some instances, the ability to both develop faster and deliver a process that […]

Same But Different

You will see a new invoice from 1/4/12. We have reformed as Foundation Data Ltd (trading as FBSL) and our GST number will change etc. This represents no more than Chris’s final exit and it is business as usual in all regards.

Sayonara Stapleton-san

After nearly a year back in the UK, Chris has faced the inevitable and got a real job. His last day “in the office” is today and after Easter he will be commuting to London for 5-day stretches. He will no longer be available to service his residual clients who will be transferred back to […]

Make Mine iPad!

iPad-related solutions represent about 80% of our current workload. Apart from the fact that iPads are way-cool, there are several compelling reasons to consider Foundation, FileMaker and the iPad. Break-down the interpersonal barrier. Use: Sales, Consulting, Medical. If you sit down beside someone and show them your presentation, or notes, or their personal record; you […]

Its A Celebration

Some of you are already familiar with David, our resident South African. Well, David has just passed his FileMaker 11 certification exam and is the first person in the company to do so. Congratulations David, this is a significant step in your career. David’s next course: “Remedial coffee-making 101”

Security Matters

A recent survey¬†found that Kiwis take data security extremely seriously and 80% would stop dealing with an organisation that had security breaches. So how secure is your data? A FileMaker solution can be made extremely secure as required; Individual name and password for all users and the ability to track what they do. Incredibly granular […]

It’ll Never Happen

Shortly after the last newsletter went out, our production hosting servers will subjected to a denial of service attack eminating from the United States. Apparently it wasn’t strictly aimed at us but at the host we use. Nonetheless, we suffered a significant degradation of service for a short period. The good news is that our […]