FileMaker Rebrands

Announced in the keynote speech at the annual FileMaker Developer conference, FileMaker, Inc. is rebranding itself as Claris International Inc. The product line will remain branded as FileMaker. For those of us with long memories this is a full-circle thing because Claris Corp. rebranded itself as FileMaker, Inc. back in 1998. Nonetheless we think it […]

Payroll Woes

There has been a lot of attention in the media recently around changes to payroll regulations and the number of organisations that are being prosecuted for incorrectly paying their workforce. It doesn’t matter that you think your staff are using your payroll app correctly: you are either compliant or you are not. We’ve recently come […]


The new FileMaker 18 Platform is the world’s leading Workplace Innovation Platform used to help problem solvers address their unique business challenges. It includes great new features for developers to create, share, and integrate custom apps: Streamline data import with a new user interface. Enhance custom apps with new scripts and calculations. Get more features to […]


Have you ever wished there was a way to safely share data between your office and your clients, suppliers, subcontractors and field staff?  There is! The FileMaker platform lends itself to effective, economic solutions with a web front-end, sync’d mobile apps and cloud-hosting.  But the real magic is in the design. We call it Multi-Tier/Multi-Tenancy […]


This has been in the news recently and might sound like the latest management fad. But we attended a seminar recently and there is apparently some solid research behind it. If it is done right, enabling employees to work 4 days a weekcan actually boost productivity!

iPad, Windows or Android tablets

We are just finishing off a project that includes a two-in-one mobile app. It was originally specified to work on Windows 10 tablets but when we did the first demo of the app, it was agreed that the Windows tablet was mis-specified being too big and heavy for the intended deployment. So what were the […]

FileMaker Pricing – HALLELUJAH!

Not before time, FileMaker have revised their pricing plans. FileMaker Licensing for Teams (FLT) is gone. Legacy licenses have all gone. You can increase your licenses in increments of 1 not 5. There are now three simple strands; Users, Concurrent Users and Site. The prices have risen* but more importantly, the dividing lines between the […]

Recycling Software

There is an interesting rule of thumb in our industry that the average life cycle of a custom software solution is around 7 years. After 7 years they tend to become outdated for three reasons; the client’s operations evolve the client’s staff line up rolls over technology evolves creating new requirements and new opportunities Common […]

FileMaker 17 Highlights

FileMaker have just released FileMaker 17. There are heaps of productivity improvements for us as developers, more security and enhanced performance for delivering solutions that use large data-sets via the web, and increased support for interacting with other applications. All this goes to ensuring that FileMaker stays the platform of choice for custom app development. […]