Custom FileMaker-based Xero Add-On Developer

We build custom FileMaker-based add-ons for Xero that provide unique functionality. So you can do the unique things that make your business special while using all the goodness of your favourite accounting package.

For instance, a recent project for a leading data centre in Auckland combined two different trading accounts and Xero entities, seven different billing cycles, daily importing of electricity meter data in some cases, but not in others, multiple rules for calculation of various pricing elements and time-spans based on leases of various durations. All this was required to generate each of hundreds of invoices each month.

Add in requirements for various reports and graphs on the actual power consumption, meter and rack dispositions. Then factor in multiple parameters for commercial property management and you have a very complex app in its own right.

An earlier produce wholesaling Xero add-on we built for Total Produce provides the clients with a weekly invoice itemising daily dispatches, buy and RRP prices complete with subtotalling and credits. It can have hundreds of items and spread over several pages. The corresponding invoice that gets sent to Xero is much simpler. It has just three consolidated items, one for each sales GL code that they use.

We’ve provided apps across a  wide range of industries; agriculture, construction, events management, health care, manufacturing,  publishing, retail and wholesaling. You can read more about some of them in the Case Studies

We’ve provided custom FileMaker-based add-ons for Xero and a wide range of other accounting solutions such as MoneyWorks, Quantum, MYOB and Smartstream.

We can also do Add-Ons to payrolls including Smoothpay, Ace, IMS…

We are not accountants or accounting consultants and recommend that you get independent advice on your requirements. However from a purely technical perspective, we recommend Xero and yes, we use it ourselves.