We offer FileMaker hosting services in association with a national data centre. The hardware is brand new (2020), impressively specified and the connectedness is superb, with a share of an up to 2 x 10 GBPS connection to the Internet.

It is highly unlikely that you will find a more powerful hosting environment anywhere else domestically and it represents a competitive alternative to FileMaker Cloud.

The Details

The hardware supports a theoretical 512 virtual cores, 1,024 GB RAM, 15,360 GB SSD and 64 TB disc storage. There is room for future expansion. The investment is not insignificant. 

The structure runs Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualisation layer and has massive redundancy. Apart from OS patching and FileMaker Server issues, you can expect pretty much 100% up-time. Unless you have an IT policy that requires off-site backups, they are not indicated and are not part of the standard offering.

What about CentOS VMs? Yes, we can set up a CentOS VM but it will be the same price as a Windows Server VM. Microsoft’s pricing is per processor core and there is no cost saving to be made by going to a non-Microsoft VM.

So why are we using Microsoft? In our experience it has proved the most stable VM environment for hosting FileMaker Server particularly compared to Xen.


(excl. GST)
4 core, 8GB RAM, 100 GB Storage, Win Server 2019$205.00 / month
4 core, 16GB RAM, 200 GB Storage, Win Server 2019$405.00 / month
Monthly Maintenance – Optional (OS patching,
restart FMS)
$100.00 / month
Ad-Hoc technical support (on demand)$125.00 / hour

Other configurations on request. Pricing includes local bandwidth and international bandwidth subject reasonable usage.

Terms of Trade

There is no fixed term, we require payment monthly in advance and one month’s notice of termination.

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