mobile employee apps - typical screenshotWe specialise in creating mobile employee apps that are integrated to a bigger solution. These can be live ‘cloud-based’ or synchronised apps on just about any platform; iOS, Windows, Android  tablets and phones.

We generally recommend developing synchronised apps on iPad tablets. Here are some good reasons;

  1. The mobile employee apps we create often require a lot of data transfer; photos, files etc. While this is theoretically possible on 4G data plans; we find that in the real world performance suffers, and there is nothing the user can do about it. Synchronisation is a safer strategy for any app that requires on-demand use and/or significant data transfer.
  2. The tablet format allows for a greater efficiency in data entry. Phones, while popular, are just too small and Apps have to employ a large amount of navigation to achieve the same outcomes.
  3. We can deploy FileMaker Go as the platform on iPad. It is not available on Android but does offer unparalleled speed of development.
  4. The iPad is cheap, light and easy to handle. Windows tablets are just too big for many deployments.

Have a look at our case studies;

  • Upright Access features a two-in-one (the functions change depending on the user logged in) synchronised iPad app. It collects data entry, signatures and photos to create various site reports.
  • Total Produce and Jonathan Grant Galleries feature live apps on iPads,
  • GrapeWorx and VinePower feature synchronised iPad apps designed for use offline in remote (agricultural) locations.

We also recommend these free resources from the FileMaker website

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