Upright Access Systems are an Auckland scaffolding contractor. Back in 2004 we first developed a custom scaffolding app for Upright Access Systems’s MoneyWorks accounting package. This enabled them to handle the on-going contract and billing requirements unique to the scaffolding industry. With minor updates over the years this was fit for purpose for well over a decade. However, by mid-2017, increasing regulation was forcing Jaine Curran, H&S Manager, to investigate the options.

“While the original solution, Stretch, provided by Foundation Data was still in daily use, we were struggling to cope with new operational requirements including weekly site inspections and the ‘ToolBox’ health and safety briefing that each team is required to complete on each site they visit. We had looked at a lot of alternatives, none of which really fitted the bill and then we finally thought of asking Foundation Data if they could assist.”

What emerged from the discussions was a scaffolding app that would keep the best features of the original Stretch, import all the data from it and then add the new features.

Matthew Roscoe, director at Foundation, says:

“It is a privilege to work with a client for so long and be trusted enough to redevelop the solution to meet their current requirements. Technology has advanced a lot since we originally built Stretch. By utilising FileMaker Go for iPad we could provide a two-in-one mobile app that supports their new requirements and synchronises seamlessly with the rebuilt solution.”

Stretch Mk2 preserves the basic contract management, pricing calculations and invoicing module (with integration to MoneyWorks). It adds support for ‘Day Jobs’ which tracks of what the teams do each day, time sheets, gear lists and standardised ‘Toolbox’s. An automated weekly process adds Site Inspections to each contract.Stretch Mk2 scaffolding app login screen

iStretch (the iPad app) operates in two modes; the Supervisor mode is based on Day Jobs and allows Supervisors to conduct the ‘ToolBox’ briefing at each site and record staff signatures. It also supports time sheet data logging and editing of the gear list. The Site Inspector mode allows Inspectors to conduct and record inspections. They can take photos, make notes and record the Site Managers signature.

Transferring the data on and off the iPads is a simple and stable one-click operation each day.

Built in FileMaker technologies Stretch Mk2 comprises a local virtual server, desktop interfaces, a fleet of FileMaker Go equipped iPads and of course, the venerable MoneyWorks plugin.

Back to Jaine:

“Implementation of the new solution is always a big undertaking and carries a degree of uncertainty. For the second time, Foundation have provided what we need going forward and our staff are using it on a daily basis which is testament in itself.”

Thank you to Jaine Curran.

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